Phones in Iraq

Phones in Iraq

Phones in Iraq

Iraq - Phone Numbers -
Telephone numbers in Iraq
Iraq Area Codes (can be 1 or 2 digits) and the phone numbers are usually 6 digits whereas in Baghdad and some other governorates, the 7 digits. The mobile numbers are 11 digits, beginning with 4 digits codes of each operator and followed by 7 digits.
Dialing procedure:
A call from your country would have the following dialing format:
To a Landline Telephone:
International call prefix + -
Country Code+ -
Area Code+ -
Subscriber’s Number -
(00) or (+) - 964 - (Area Code) - (Telephone Number)
To a Mobile Telephone:
Example: + 964 (0)790 123 4567
International call prefix -
Country Code -
Operator Code -
Subscriber Number
(00) or (+) - 964 - (0)790 - 123 4567
  • List of Area Codes in Iraq
    Area City / Area Code -
    Baghdad - 1 - Salah ad Din (Tikrit) - 21
    Wasit (Al Kut) - 23 - Anbar (Ramadi) - 24
    Diyala (Baquba) - 25 - Babil (Hilla) - 32
    Kerbala - 32 - Najaf - 33
    Al-Qādisiyyah (Diwaniya) - 36 - Al Muthanna (Samawa) - 37
    Basrah - 40 - Dhi Qar (Nasiriya) - 42
    Maysan (Amara) - 43 - Kirkuk - 50
    Sulaimaniya - 53 - Ninawa (Mosul) - 60
    Duhok - 67 - Erbil - 63
  • List of Mobile Phones Codes in Iraq
  • 079x xxx xxxx - Cell phones Zain Iraq, ( formerly Iraqna)
    078x xxx xxxx - Cell phones Zain Iraq ( formerly MTC Atheer)
    077x xxx xxxx - Cell phones AsiaCell
    076x xxx xxxx - Cell phones Mobitel (Iraq-Kurdistan) and Moutiny
    075x xxx xxxx - Cell phones Korek
    074x xxx xxxx - Cell phones Itisaluna and Kalemat
    073x xxx xxxx - Cell phones SanaTel
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    Telecommunications in Iraq
    Mobile phone companies of Iraq

    Zain Iraq, AsiaCell, Korek Telecom, ZTE Iraq, Newroz Telecom, SanaTel, CMC,

    Zain Iraq

    Company : Zain Iraq
    Website :  Zain Iraq

    Phone : (+964) 7802999107 / 216 / 218
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    Company : AsiaCell
    Website :  AsiaCell

    Phone : (+964) +964 770 111 5120 / (111 / 222) prepaid / (252) postpaid
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    Korek Telecom

    Company : Korek Telecom
    Website :  Korek Telecom

    Phone : (+964) 750 445 0022 / +964 750 800 0411 / 411
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    ZTE Iraq

    Company : ZTE Iraq
    Website :

    Phone : (+964) 780 733 3444
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    Newroz Telecom

    Company : Newroz Telecom
    Website :  Newroz Telecom

    Phone : (+964) 66 220 2020 / +964 66 220 6699
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    Company : SanaTel
    Website :

    Phone : 021-5370907


    Company : CMC
    Website :

    Phone : 1122, 5555 / 177
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    Communications and Media Commission (CMC)

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