Phones in Israel

Phones in Israel

Phones in Israel

Israel - Phone Numbers -
Telephone numbers in Israel
Country Code : 972 -
Until the 1990s, telephone numbers in Israel had 6 digits (except in its early days), and until the 2000s, there were 8 area codes allocated to Bezeq, by region. Currently numbers have seven digits and Bezeq controls 6 area codes - 04 and 06 (Haifa and northern areas) were merged, as well as 07 (south) and 08 (Shfela).
Over the last few years with the influence of VOIP long distance has been deregulated in Israel. According to the Israel Ministry of Communication one may port a VOIP number to land line carrier and vice versa giving some one the option to say have a northern number in the south of the country however one is still not allowed to port a number say from the north to the south of the country with the same kind of line (e.g. VOIP to VOIP or land line to land line).
00 - International Access Code (For registered customers)
012 - International Access Code (012 Smile service)
013 - International Access Code (013 Netvision service)
014 - International Access Code (Bezeq International service)
018 - International Access Code (018 Xfone service)
02 XXX XXXX - Jerusalem Area
03 XXX XXXX - Tel Aviv and Central Area
04 XXX XXXX - Haifa and Northern Area
08 XXX XXXX - Lowland and Southern Area
09 XXX XXXX - Sharon Area
050 XXX XXXX - Mobile (Pelephone)
052 XXX XXXX - Mobile (Cellcom)
054 XXX XXXX - Mobile (Orange)
056 XXX XXXX - Mobile (Wataniya Telecom, in the Palestinian territories)
057 XXX XXXX - Mobile (Mirs)
059 XXX XXXX - Mobile (Jawwal, in the Palestinian territories)
072 2XX XXXX - VoB Service (012 Smile)
073 2XX XXXX - Local Calls (Cellcom)
073 3XX XXXX - Local Business Telephone lines(Cellcom)
073 7XX XXXX - VoB Service (013 Netvision)
074 7XX XXXX - Local Calls (Orange)
076 5XX XXXX - VoB Service (Bezeq International service)
076 88X XXXX - Local Calls (Bezeq)
077 XXX XXXX - Cable Phone Service (Hot)
100 - Police
101 - Ambulance Service
102 - Fire Fighters
103 - Electric Corporation
106 - Municipal Call Center <in most - cities>
107 - Municipal Call Center <in some cities>
108 - Municipal Call Center <in some cities>
109 - Municipal Call Center <in some cities>
118 - Ministry of Social Affair's emergency service
1201 - Mental health first aid
1255 XXX - Hospital Information Center <only in times of emergency>
1212 XX XX - Telephone-Based poll and televoting
1200 XXX XXX - Televoting
*XXXX - (Star and 4 digits) Speed dial service
1234 - Bezeq-Card service (Bezeq lines only)
1346 - Dial up access to ISP service
1455 - Time and date in Israel and around the world
142 - Collect Call
144 - Telephone Listings Information
166 - Bezeq technical support
199 - Bezeq customer service
164 - Bezeq business customer service
1 700 XXX XXX - Business Toll
1 80X XXX XXX - Toll Free
Note - The Israeli telecommunication infrastructure is available and used extensively in the Palestinian Territories too. For further information see telephone numbers in Palestinian Territories.
Israel Ministry of Communication
Presentation of E.164 National Numbering For Country Code 972 (Israel), Update August 2007, Israel Ministry of Communication
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Telecommunications in Israel

Cellcom Israel, Partner Communications (Orange Israel), Pelephone Communications, HOT Mobile, Golan Telecom, TCS Telecom Israel, Bezeq International, MOC,

Cellcom Israel

Company : Cellcom Israel
Website :  Cellcom Israel

Phone : (+972) 0529986919
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Partner Communications (Orange Israel)

Company : Partner Communications (Orange Israel)
Website :  Partner Communications (Orange Israel)

Phone : 2114 / 074-705-4022
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Pelephone Communications

Company : Pelephone Communications
Website :  Pelephone Communications

Phone : *166
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HOT Mobile

Company : HOT Mobile
Website :  HOT Mobile

Phone : 053- 5003000
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Golan Telecom

Company : Golan Telecom
Website :  Golan Telecom

Phone : 1-800-016-058
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TCS Telecom Israel

Company : TCS Telecom Israel
Website :  TCS Telecom Israel

Phone : (+972) 50-709-4444
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Bezeq International

Company : Bezeq International
Website :  Bezeq International

Phone : (+972) 1-800-076-200
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Company : MOC
Website :

Phone : (+972) 8-686-3100 / 1299
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Ministry of Communications (MOC)

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