Phones in Lebanon

Phones in Lebanon

Phones in Lebanon

Lebanon - Phone Numbers -
Telephone numbers in Lebanon
+961 is the ITU country code for Lebanon.
+961 1 - Beirut District including Ashrafieh, Baabda, Badaro, Bir Hassan, Chyah, Kaldeh
+961 4 - Mount Lebanon including Baabdat, Bickfaya, Brumana
+961 5 - Mount Lebanon including Aley, Bhamadoun, Hammana, Shbanieh
+961 6 - North Lebanon including Tripoli, Bsharri
+961 7 - South Lebanon including Marjeyoun, Saida, Sur
+961 8 - Bekaa including Baalbeck, Bekaa, Mashghara, Rayack
+961 9 - Mount Lebanon including Ghazir, Junieh, Nahr Ibrahim, Qartaba
+961 3 - Mobile operators
+961 70 - Mobile operators
+961 71 - Mobile operators
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Alfa, touch, Ogero Telecom, Connect, IDM, OGERO,


Company : Alfa
Website :  Alfa

Phone : (+961) 3 391 111 / +961 3 391 000 - Office (+961) 3 391 109 - 111 - Helpline / fax
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Company : touch
Website :

Phone : (+961) 3 800111

Ogero Telecom

Company : Ogero Telecom
Website :  Ogero Telecom

Phone : (+961) 1 840 000 / (+961) 1 840000
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Company : Connect
Website :  Connect

Phone : 01-903 903 / 01-896 331
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Company : IDM
Website :  IDM

Phone : 1282 / (+961) 1 - 59 52 52
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Company : OGERO
Website :  OGERO

Phone : (+961) 4 727 733 / (+961) 1 840000
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OGERO (Organisme de Gestion et d'Exploitation de la Route de la Soie)

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