Phones in Seychelles

Phones in Seychelles

Phones in Seychelles

Seychelles - Phone Numbers -
Telephone numbers in Seychelles
Country code : +248
International prefix: 011
Calling formats. To call in Seychelles, the following format is used: There are no city codes for Seychelles
011 - International Direct Dialing code
List of area codes in Seychelles
Telephone numbers in Seychelles - General Information and References
Seychelles dial codes
Telecommunications in Seychelles

Airtel Seychelles, Cable & Wireless Seychelles,

Airtel Seychelles

Company : Airtel Seychelles
Website :

Phone : 155 / +248 438 1000

Cable & Wireless Seychelles

Company : Cable & Wireless Seychelles
Website :

Phone : 111 / +248 428 4000

Phones in Seychelles. Search smartphones in mobile phone companies and stores. List by company, city, name, number, website, packages and internet services. SC Find telephone numbers in the phone book and yellow pages.
248 Code for international phone calls, whatsapp and text messages. SYC
Seychelles : Anse aux Pins, Anse Boileau, Anse Etoile, Anse Louis, Anse Royale, Baie Lazare, Baie Sainte Anne, Beau Vallon, Bel Air, Bel Ombre, Cascade, Glacis, Grand Anse, Grand Anse, La Digue, La Riviere Anglaise, Mont Buxton, Mont Fleuri, Plaisance, Pointe La Rue, Port Glaud, Saint Louis, Takamaka
Map of Seychelles - (SC) Population : 98340
Seychelles - Reverse lookup is a service to find the company or customer by phone number.
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Seychelles Find address and phone numbers. Telephones Numbers
Seychelles Country Code and list of area codes by city. Find dial codes and mobile phones by company.
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Phones in Seychelles
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to locate Phones in Seychelles Business Directory. Where to search business in Seychelles? Use the list of yellow pages in Seychelles to find more information. Pages of business and other professional services in Seychelles.
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to find phone numbers in Seychelles. Where to find people in Seychelles? How can I find people in Seychelles? Use the pages with telephone numbers and address to locate people and phone numbers in Seychelles. - Where to search Phones in Seychelles?
can I find a phone number in Seychelles ? Search phones in the phone book and online guide from the mobile companies.
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Location and Map of Seychelles. Coordenates, Latitude, Longitude.
Phones in Seychelles - Find smartphones in mobile phone companies in Seychelles. Compare prices, plans and packages. Guide with phone numbers and international codes for dialling or send whatsapp message.
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