Phones in Madagascar

Phones in Madagascar

Phones in Madagascar

Madagascar Phones
Madagascar - Phone Numbers - Find Telephone numbers in Madagascar Madagascar
Country Code of Madagascar: +261 - Is the Madagascar Country calling code
International Call Prefix: 00 - Is the Code To dial outside Madagascar
Telephone numbers in Madagascar are seven digits long, the first two digits being an area code.
Antananarivo Phone Code is : 22
Ambatolampy Phone Code is : 42
Antsirabe Phone Code is : 44
AmbositraPhone Code is : 47
Mid-West Madagascar Phone Code is : 48
Toamasina Phone Code is : 53
Ambatondrazaka Phone Code is : 54
Moramanga Phone Code is : 56
Maroantsetra Phone Code is : 57
Mahajanga Phone Code is : 62
Antsohihy Phone Code is : 67
Manakara - Mananjary Phone Code is : 72
Farafangana Phone Code is : 73
Fianarantsoa Phone Code is : 75
Antsiranana Phone Code is : 82
Nosy Be Phone Code is : 86
Sambava Phone Code is : 88
Taolañaro Phone Code is : 92
Toliary Phone Code is : 94
Morondava Phone Code is : 95
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Airtel Madagascar, Telma Mobile, Orange Madagascar, Blueline, GasyNet, Jovena, ARTEC,

Airtel Madagascar

Company : Airtel Madagascar
Website :  Airtel Madagascar

Phone : (+261) 33 33 011 21
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Telma Mobile

Company : Telma Mobile
Website :  Telma Mobile

Phone : 800 / (+261) 34 00 008 00
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Orange Madagascar

Company : Orange Madagascar
Website :  Orange Madagascar

Phone : (+261) 32 34 567 89
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Company : Blueline
Website :  Blueline

Phone : 20 23 320 28 / 0 391 391 391
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Company : GasyNet
Website :  GasyNet

Phone : (+261) 20 23 564 10
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Company : Jovena
Website :  Jovena

Phone : (+261) 20 23 694 70
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Company : ARTEC
Website :  ARTEC

Phone : (+261) 034 02 421 19 / 033 37 421 19 / 032 07 421 19
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Autorité de Régulation des Technologies de Communication (ARTEC)

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Madagascar : Antsiranana, Fianarantsoa, Mahajanga, Toamasina, Antananarivo, Toliara
Map of Madagascar - (MG) Population : 27691019
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