Phones in Pakistan

Phones in Pakistan

Phones in Pakistan

Pakistan - Phone Numbers -
Telephone numbers in Pakistan
Country code : +92 -
International call prefix : 00 -
Trunk prefix : 0 -
  • Fixed (landline) numbers
  • Area codes in Pakistan are from two to five digits long; the smaller the city, the longer the prefix. All the large cities have a two-digit code.
    Older exchanges have a 4, 5 or 6 digit number. Newer exchanges, those in the cities, have seven digit numbers. On July 1, 2009, telephone numbers in Karachi and Lahore were changed from 7 digits to 8 digits. This was accomplished by adding the digit "9" to the beginning of any phone number that started with a "9", and adding the digit "3" to any phone numbers that did not start with the number "9". 1 ]
    It is common to write phone numbers as (0xx) yyy-yyyy - , where xx - is the area code. The 0 - prefix is for long-distance dialing from within the country. International callers should dial +92 xx yyyyyyy - .
    All mobile phone codes are three digits long and start with 3xx - . All mobile numbers are seven digits long.
    Area codes for common cities are:
    0213 xxxx xxxx - : Karachi
    051 xxx xxxx - : Islamabad / Rawalpindi
    0423 xxxx xxxx - : Lahore
    041 xxx xxxx - : Faisalabad
    022 xxx xxxx - : Hyderabad
    081 xxx xxxx - : Quetta
    091 xxx xxxx - : Peshawar
    052 xxx xxxx - : Sialkot
    053 xxx xxxx - : Gujrat
    061 xxx xxxx - : Multan
    055 xxx xxxx - : Gujranwala
    0544 xxx xxxx - : Jhelum
    0546 xxx xxxx - : Mandi Bahauddin
    0926 xxx xxx - : Parachinar FATA
    Premium Rate services:
    0900 xxx xx -
    Toll free numbers (For callers within Pakistan):
    0800 xxx xx -
    You also can visit the following link to see the detailed list of dialing codes of different cities of Pakistan.
  • Mobile telephone numbers
  • Mobile telephone numbers in Pakistan are of the following format 0XXX-YYYYYYY - where XXX - is the three letter code assigned to a specific mobile telephone operator and YYYYYYY - is the local telephone number.
    364 - Instaphone (Previously 320
    300, 301, 302, 303, 305, 306, 307, 308, 309 - Mobilink
    342, 343, 344, 345, 346 - Telenor
    321, 322, 323 - Warid Telecom
    331, 332, 333, 334, 335, 336 - Ufone
    312, 313, 314, 315 - ZONG
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  • References
  • Karachi, Lahore now have 8-digit phone numbers". Daily Times (Pakistan). 2009-07-08
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    Telephone numbers in Pakistan

    Jazz (Mobilink-Warid), Telenor Pakistan, Zong (China Mobile), Ufone (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited), PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited), PTA,

    Jazz (Mobilink-Warid)

    Company : Jazz (Mobilink-Warid)
    Website :  Jazz (Mobilink-Warid)

    Phone : (+92) 051111 300 300
    Social Networks Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn Youtube

    Telenor Pakistan

    Company : Telenor Pakistan
    Website :  Telenor Pakistan

    Phone : (+92) (42) 111 345 100
    Social Networks Facebook Twitter Instagram

    Zong (China Mobile)

    Company : Zong (China Mobile)
    Website :  Zong (China Mobile)

    Phone : (+92) (051) 111-222-111
    Social Networks Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube

    Ufone (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited)

    Company : Ufone (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited)
    Website :  Ufone (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited)

    Phone : (+92) 033-11-333-100
    Social Networks Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube

    PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited)

    Company : PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited)
    Website :  PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited)

    Phone : 1218 / (+92) (051) 2069013
    Social Networks Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube


    Company : PTA
    Website :  PTA

    Phone : (+92) 51 9225326
    Social Networks Facebook Twitter
    Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA)

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