Christmas Island - Phones
Calling code + 61
Internet domain name for the country (TLD) - .cx
Christmas Island
Territory of Christmas Island -
National Anthem :Advance Australia Fair
(and largest city) - Flying Fish Cove ("The Settlement"
Official language(s) - English (de facto
Ethnic groups - 70% Chinese, 20% European, 10% Malay
People : - Christmas Islanders
Government : - Federal constitutional monarchy
Queen of Australia - Elizabeth II
Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia - -
Quentin Bryce
Administrator - Brian Lacy
Shire President : - Gordon Thomson
Territory of Australia
transferred to Australia -
Christmas Island Shire - official government website
Area Total : 135 km (52 (sq mi)
Population estimate in 2009 : 1,402 - (n/a - Density : 10.39/km (n/a)
26.96/sq mi
Currency : - Australian dollar (AUD)
Time zone : - (UTC) +7) -
The Territory of Christmas Island is a territory of Australia in the Indian Ocean. It is located 2,600 kilometres (1,600 mi) northwest of the Western Australian city of Perth, 500 km (310 mi) south of the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, and 975 km (606 mi) ENE of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.
It has a population of 1,403 residents who live in a number of "settlement areas" on the northern tip of the island:Flying Fish Cove (also known as Kampong), Silver City, Poon Saan, and Drumsite.
The island’s geographic isolation and history of minimal human disturbance has led to a high level of endemism amongst its flora and fauna, which is of significant interest to scientists and naturalists.
Poon Saan in the evening
Poon Saan shops
Christmas Island is 500 km (310 mi) south of Indonesia and about 2,600 km (1,600 mi) northwest of Perth.
Telephone services are provided by Telstra and are a part of the Australian network with the same prefix as Western Australia (08). A GSM mobile telephone system replaced the old analogue network in February 2005. Four free-to-air television stations from Australia are broadcast (ABC, SBS, GWN and WIN) in the same time-zone as Perth. Radio broadcasts from Australia include ABC Radio National, ABC Regional radio and Red FM. All services are provided by satellite links from the mainland. Broadband internet became available to subscribers in urban areas in mid 2005 through the local internet service provider, CIIA (formerly dotCX).
Christmas Island, due to its close proximity to Australia's northern neighbours, falls within many of the more 'interesting' satellite footprints throughout the region. This results in ideal conditions for receiving various Asian broadcasts which locals sometimes prefer to the West Australian provided content. Additionally, ionospheric conditions usually bode well for many of the more terrestrial radio transmissions - HF right up through VHF and sometimes in to UHF. The island plays home to a small array of radio equipment that, evidently, spans a good chunk of the usable spectrum. A variety of government owned and operated antenna systems are employed on the island to take advantage of this.
Easter Island
Christmas Island Tourism Association - official tourism website
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