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Telephone numbers in Hong Kong - are mostly eight-digit. Fixed land line numbers start with 2 or 3, cellular (mobile) phone numbers with 5, 6 or 9, pager numbers with 7 and forwarding service with 8. There is no area code today in Hong Kong.
Country Code : 852 -
International Call Prefix : - varies, depending on IDD provider, however 001 - works on all phone lines and uses the IDD service provided by the same carrier as the telephone line that 001 call is dialed from.
  • 1970s - In the 1970s, area codes were assigned with the following pattern.
  • 3 - Kowloon, New Kowloon and Sai Kung
  • 5 - Hong Kong Island and Outlying Islands
  • 12 - New Territories
  • There was no standard trunk prefix like '0' - only the area code and phone number were dialed when calling from one area code to another. Thus the Kowloon number xxx-xxx would have been dialed as follows:
    xxx-xxx (from within Kowloon) 3 xxx-xxx (from Hong Kong Island or New Territories) +852 3 xxx-xxx (from overseas)
  • 1980s - In the mid 1980s, 6-digit numbers starting with '0' became 7-digit numbers starting with '71', making way for subsequent change of the New Territories prefix from '12' to '0'.
  • 0xxxxx became 71xxxxx
  • Fixed-line phone numbers were either six- or seven-digit in the 1980s. Area codes were assigned with the following pattern.
  • 3 - Kowloon, New Kowloon and Sai Kung
  • 5 - Hong Kong Island and Outlying Islands
  • 0 - New Territories
  • Cellular phone numbers are all eight-digit starting with '9'.
  • 1990s - [
  • Early 1990s - On 1 January 1990, area codes were abolished. Area codes for six-digit numbers became part of subscriber's numbers. Area codes for seven-digit numbers were simply removed. Some six-digit numbers had the first digit changed to 2 digits to make a seven-digit number.
  • (3) xxx xxx became 3xx xxxx (5) xxx xxx became 5xx xxxx (0) Nxx xxx became nnx xxxx (N = 8, nn = 46)
  • (3) Nxx xxxx became Nxx xxxx (N = 7) (5) Nxx xxxx became Nxx xxxx (N = 8 or 9) (0) Nxx xxxx became Nxx xxxx (N = 4 or 6)
  • [
  • Mid 90's
  • In the mid 1990s, a '2' was prefixed to all fixed line (land line) numbers which are now eight-digit. A '7' was prefixed to existing pager service numbers.
  • xxx xxxx became 2xxx xxxx 11xx xxx became 711xx xxx 11xx xxxxx became 7xx xxxxx 9xxx xxxx remained unchanged
  • Late 90's - Before the introduction of portable fixed line numbers, numbers were assigned in a pattern akin to districts. For example, in addition to the existing 3, 5 and 0 prefixes, a 4 prefix was used for Tuen Mun and Yuen Long, 6 for Tai Po and Sha Tin, and 8 for Island East.
  • 2000s until today - Numbers starting with '3' were introduced when '2' for fixed lines started running out. Cell phone numbers remain eight-digit. The number '6' started to be used when numbers started with '9' were running out. In May, 2008, cellular phone numbers with '5' as the beginning were also introduced.
  • 2xxx xxxx fixed lines
  • 3xxx xxxx fixed lines and dialup ISPs
  • 5xxx xxxx cellular phones
  • 6xxx xxxx cellular phones
  • 7xxx xxxx pager services
  • 8xxx xxxx forwarding services
  • 9xxx xxxx cellular phones
  • For example, one can request a SkypeIn number which is usually in the form of 81xx xxxx.
  • Making international calls: Country Codes - (Area code) xxxx xxxx + is the access code for an IDD service provider.
  • Calls to Macau and the People's Republic of China are international, as are calls to Taiwan.
    Macau - +853 xxx xxx
    China - +86 (Area Code) xxxx xxxx
    Taiwan - +886 (Area Code) xxx xxxx
    During the years of telephone monopoly, + was 106 (through 1980s) and then 001.
  • Emergency services and other special numbers
  • 999 - Telephone number for emergency services --- Police, Fire Service and Ambulance --- is 999 for land or fixed lines.
    For mobile and other users:
    992 - fax on fixed line, SMS on mobile phones (for subcribers with disabilities)
    112 - mobile phones
    Some special numbers are three- to five-digit. Some premium rate services, for example for games, are 9-digit.
    1 - Numbers beginning with 1 are usually reserved for carrier/operator services. These services are provided by the individual telephone carrier. In general, these numbers can be used across all carriers:
    1083 - Directory services can be reached at 1081 (English) and 1083 (Cantonese).
    18501 - Time and temperature information can be reached at 18501 (English) and 18503 (Cantonese).
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