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Telephone numbers in Syria - , lists the telephone numbering and dialing conventions in Syria. Phone / ITU country code : +963
International Call Prefix: 00 - To dial outside Syria
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For dialing a number from a land line to the land line in the same area (city), only the local number of destination is needed.
For dialing a number from a land line to the land line in another area (city), a zero followed by area code of destination and the local number of destination is needed.
For dialing a number from a land line to a mobile number, a zero followed by mobile provider 3 digit code and the destination number is needed.
For dialing a number from a mobile phone to a land line number, a zero followed by area code of destination and the local number of destination is needed.
For dialing a number from a mobile phone to another mobile phone, a zero followed by mobile provider 3 digit code and the destination number is needed.
Government Government in Syria
Syria Mobiles Syria Mobile Phones - Dial Codes to Mobile Companies - How to dial to Mobile Phones in Syria ? - List of Mobile Phone Operators in Syria.
Syriatel: 932, 933, 988, 998, 999.
MTN Syria: 942, 943, 944, 955.
STE Syrian Telecom
Telephone numbers in Syria , Telecommunications in Syria , Communications in Syria
Syria List of City Area codes of Syria -
Damascus Phone Code is : 11
DaraaPhone Code is : 15
As-SuwaydaPhone Code is : 16
QuneitraPhone Code is : 19
AleppoPhone Code is : 21
ar-RaqqahPhone Code is : 22
IdlibPhone Code is : 23
HomsPhone Code is : 31
HamaPhone Code is : 33
LatakiaPhone Code is : 41
TartousPhone Code is : 43
Deir ez-ZorPhone Code is : 51
al-HasakahPhone Code is : 52
The UN described the refugees as the biggest humanitarian emergency of our era. About 9.5 million Syrians, half the population, have been displaced since the outbreak of the Syrian Civil War in March 2011. About 4 million or more are outside the country as refugees .  -
Refugees of the Syrian Civil War, widely referred to as the Syrian refugees, are Syrian nationals, who have fled Syria with the escalation of the Syrian Civil War. To escape the war and the violence, more than four million Syrian refugees have fled the country to neighboring Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq, while thousands also traveled to distant countries of the Caucasus, the Persian Gulf, North Africa and Europe.
In February 2015, Turkey has become the world's biggest refugee hosting country with 2.1 million Syrian refugees and had spent more than US$6 billion on direct assistance to refugees.  - Syrian refugees at Budapest Keleti railway station - 4 September 2015
The refugee crisis began in 2011, when thousands of Syrian citizens fled across the border to Lebanon and Turkey. By early July 2011, 15,000 Syrian citizens had taken shelter in tent cities, set up in the Yayladağı, Reyhanlı and Altınözü districts of Hatay Province, near Turkey's border with Syria. By the end of July 2011, around 5,000 of the refugees had returned to Syria. By June 2011, the number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon had reached around 10,000 people. By July 2011, the first Syrian refugees found sanctuary in Jordan, with their numbers reaching 1,500 by December.
Language: Arabic, Kurdish, Armenian, Aramaic
Religion: Sunni Islam, Christianity, Shia Islam
Syria hosted a population of refugees and asylum seekers numbering approximately 1,852,300 (2008). The vast majority of this population was from Iraq (1,300,000), but sizeable populations from the former Palestine (543,400) and Somalia (5,200) also lived in Syria before the ware.
References : Refugees of the Syrian Civil War
Refugees of the Syrian Civil War Total population: 4,088,078 estimated (29 August 2015) and registered by UNHCR (29 August 2015
Countries and Regions with significant populations of refugees
This Numbers do not include foreign citizens who left Syria
Turkey 2,138,999 estimated (April 2015) - 1,938,999 registered (April 2015) -  - - There are over 2.1 million Syrian refugees in Turkey. Around 30 % of these live in 22 government-run camps near the Syrian-Turkish border. Turkish law does not allow to apply for refugee status but only provides temporary protection status.
Lebanon 1,196,560 estimated (April 2015)- 1,185,241 registered (April 2015) The Lebanese government does not to set up Syrian refugee camps within its territory but let all the Syrians to walk throughout the Lebanese territory. Many Syrians rent their accommodations in around 1,700 locations countrywide, but many (205) lives in non-formal settlements concentrated in the borders.
Jordan 1,400,000 estimated (ِAugust 2015) - 629,245 registered Syrian refugees in Jordan (August 2015) - - Several refugee camps in Jordan host about 100,000 Syrian nationals as of 2014 - Zaatari refugee camp and Mrajeeb Al Fhood refugee camp.
Syrian refugees in Europe
Saudi Arabia 500,000 estimated (September 2015) not classified as refugees - Saudi Arabia has offered resettlement only to for Syrian refugees that had a family in the kingdom An estimated number of refugees that reaches half a million living with their families and has sent aid worth $280 million to help Syrian refugees.
Iraq 247,861 estimated (March 2015) - 247,861 registered (March 2015)
Egypt 133,862 estimated (April 2015) - 133,862 registered (April 2015) inspirit
Kuwait 120,000 estimated (2015) Syrian expatriates who have overstayed in Kuwait
Germany 105,000 estimated (March 2015) - Syrian refugees in Germany
Greece 88,204 (2015 only)
Sweden At least 40,000 (2015)
Algeria 25,000 estimated (Aug 2012) - 10,000 asylum seekers (Jan 2013)
Austria At least 18,000 (2015)
Armenia 17,000 estimated (July 2015)
United Kingdom 5,102 (2015)
Bahrain 5,000 estimated (September 2012)
Libya 4,716 estimated (February 2013)
Italy 4,600 estimated (Sep 2013)
Australia 4,500 (2015) - Australia will accept 2,200 refugees fleeing violence in Syria. Australia will accept 12,000 refugees in 2015.
Bulgaria More than 4,500 (Sep 2013)
As many as 10,000 expected by the end of 2013
Canada 2,374 (August 2015) Canada will resettle 1,300 Syrian refugees over two years. Canada will help with $100 million in humanitarian aid for Syria in June 2013. In January 2014, Canada pledged $105 million to Jordan, of which $100 million to promote economic development and deliver basic services, such as education, to Jordanians and Syrian refugees. In August 2015, Canada accepted 2,374 Syrian refugees.
Brazil 2,077 (August 2015) - Brazil was the first country in the Americas region to offer special humanitarian visas to Syrian refugees. Brazil's embassies in (Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq) countries neighbouring Syria will be issuing travel visas. Claims for asylum will need to be presented on arrival in Brazil.
United States 1,500 (March 2015)
Romania 1,300 (July 2014)
Russia 1,000 (Feb 2014)
Gaza Strip 1,000 (Dec 2013)
France 500 estimated (October 2013) - Syrian refugees in France
Argentina 300+ families (Aug 2013) - Argentina decided to offer refuge to thousands of displaced Syrians. As More than three hundred Syrian refugee families have already arrived in Argentina. Syrian refugees in Argentina
Macedonia 255 - Syrian refugees in Macedonia - Macedonia only let refugees travel trought country but they cannot stay - They allow people in the path to Germany to apply for refugee status.
New Zealand - New Zealand has admitted 83 Syrian refugees.[168]
Poland 150 (July 2015)
Hungary Hundreds (October 2015) - Syrian refugees in Hungary  - Hungary suspends rules on asylum seekers
Colombia 100 (September 2014) - Colombia has accepted Syrian refugees asking for asylum within Colombia. The refugees are then reported to the UNHCR United Nations Refugee Agency in Bogotá, and provide help to learn Spanish with support of Pastoral Social
Uruguay 100 (October 2014) - In October 2014, more than 100 Syrian refugees and their families are in Uruguay. The Syrians resettled in Uruguay want to go back and leave Uruguay. Some families said that they prefer to live in the middle of the war in their own country, than living in America. They cannot be adapted to the latin america culture.
Venezuela - The Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced that Venezuela is prepared to give asylum to 20,000 refugees from Syria.
Mexico 30 (October 2014)
Serbia - Serbia only allows refugees if they do not stay permanently within the country and instead go to Germany to apply for refugee status.
Gulf States
Regional response - Charities and organisations - Aid given by the European Commission and member states - Partial suspension of the Dublin Regulation in 2015
Refugees accepted by country - Number and location of people fleeing the violence in Syria
The World Refugee Survey, published by the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants.
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Coronavirus covid-19 in Syria, Cases 51,915, Deaths 3,008, Rate (5.79%), Date 2022-02-08 04:21:15 - Map of Coronavirus in the World. Total 393,934,458 cases of COVID-19 and 5,722,382 deaths. Updated information by country. Source : national health authorities and World Health Organization (WHO). 2022-02-08 04:21:15


Symptoms of the coronavirus disease : fever, dry cough, difficulty breathing, headache, slight runny nose, shortness of breath. If you have these symptoms, seek medical care to check your condition. Circulatory system : decreased white blood cells. Kidneys : decreased function.
Coronavirus in Basic protective measures against the new coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.
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Wash your hands frequently and regularly with soap and water. Keep your hands clean with an alcohol-based hand rub. Washing your hands kills viruses that may be there.  -
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Avoid contact with others and visits to medical facilities.
Stay aware of the latest information with official sources from the national and local public health authority.
Avoid to travel to prevent possible spread of COVID-19 and other viruses.
Avoid spitting in public places.
Protect yourself and others from getting sick
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