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Country Code : 380 -
International Call Prefix : 0~0 -
  • Current Dialing Plan
  • On 14 October 2009, Ukraine switched to the dialling conventions common in the European Union [ 1 ] .
    In order to call abroad, users would need to dial 0~0 before the country code. For instance, to call Vancouver, Canada, from Kiev, users would need to dial 0~0 1 778 XXX XX XX.
    Calling nationwide requires dialing 0, waiting for a dial tone (optional on digital exchanges), and then the region code followed by the local number. For instance to call Kiev from Odessa, users would need to dial 0 44 XXX XX XX. Same convention will be adopted for mobile operators.
    For local calls, users would still be able to dial the local number without a 0 and the area code.
    The in-country sequence for ordinary zones consists of a 2 digit zone code, an optional subzone code (never used for the capital of the geographic region corresponding to a phone zone), an optional filler (0 to 2 "2"s, used to make the whole in-country sequence contain exactly 9 digits) and the local phone number (5 to 7 digits). When dialing from cell phones, the in-country dial sequence (with the 0 XX prefix) is used even for phones of the same provider. Otherwise a call may be placed in the nearest geographic area.
    Area codes correspond to geographic regions ("oblasts") with exception of Kiev and Sevastopol which utilize their own area code.
    Cell phone numbers can be assigned both within the cell phone provider zone and within a geographic zone. The latter arrangement is used mainly for CDMA phones and for GSM operators selling their connectivity within one city, like GoldenTelecom GSM. Allocation of new GSM cell phone numbers within a geographic zone is very rare now because law requires all incoming calls to be free, including incoming calls to a cell phone.
    Some examples of dialed sequences:
    xxx-xx-xx (two PSTN phones within Kiev, local number is 7 digits long) 0~50 xxx-xx-xx (from any Ukraine mobile not roaming or PSTN phone to UMC, cell phone provider) 0~67 xxx-xx-xx (from any Ukraine mobile not roaming or PSTN phone to Kyivstar, cell phone provider) 0~800 xxx-xxx (from any Ukraine mobile not roaming or PSTN phone to toll-free number) 0~44 xxx-xx-xx (from any Ukraine mobile not roaming or PSTN phone outside Kiev phone zone to Kiev) 0~45 94x-xx-xx (from any Ukraine mobile not roaming or PSTN phone outside of Kiev phone zone to Brovary) 0~46 xxx-xx-xx (from any Ukraine mobile nor roaming or PSTN phone outside of Chernihiv phone zone to Chernihiv) 0~32 2xx-xx-xx (from any Ukraine mobile nor roaming or PSTN phone outside of Lviv phone zone to Lviv; the local number is 6 digits long, so "2" is used as a filler to make the whole in-country dial sequence 9 digits long) 0~0 ... (mobile or fixed international call from Ukraine) +380 44 xxx-xx-xx (international call to Kiev zone or Kiev itself) +380 45 94x-xx-xx (international call to Brovary) +380 48 xxx-xx-xx (international call to Odessa) +380 48 2xx-xx-xx (international call to 6-digits numbers of Odessa) +380 32 xxx-xx-xx (international call to Lviv) +380 32 2xx-xx-xx (international call to 6-digits numbers of Lviv) +380 50 xxx-xx-xx (international call to UMC) +380 67 xxx-xx-xx (international call to Kyivstar) +380 63 xxx-xx-xx (international call to life)
    Some mobile operators may support additional dialing plans. For example, Kyivstar also supports the following:
    xxx-xx-xx (local number at current location of Kyivstar mobile - i.e. if the mobile is currently in Kiev this will represent a Kiev number) 67-xxx-xx-xx (call from Kyivstar subscriber to Kyivstar subscriber)
    Note that law explicitly prohibits trunk calls to a PSTN phone within the same local area in a geographic phone zone (e.g. from Kiev to Kiev), so one cannot dial 0~2 or 0~xx for this, unless the phone exchange is misconfigured or a special circumstance occurs.
    The switch to a closed numbering plan, which will introduce seven digit-long numbers for all zones, should be complete in 2011-2012. [ 2 ]
  • Previous Dialing Plan
  • Ukraine (similarly to most of ex- Soviet Union countries) used to have a four-level (local, zone, country, international) open dialing plan. For all non-local numbers, the required trunk prefix was '8' followed by an auxiliary dial tone after it (optional on digital exchanges), with the following '2' for in-zone calls, followed by an area code, and '10' for international calls.
  • References
  • Changes to inter-city and international calling (ukr) ^ -
    References from Telephone_numbers_in_Ukraine
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